Is The Market For Activated Carbon Active? To What Extend Is Its Impact Strong?

Posted by Admin on September, 08, 2020

The use of activated carbon is visibly observed in various parts of the nation and even worldwide. Yes, the market for the activated carbon is active and will exist the same

The activated carbon has another name in the market. Yes, the porous form of charcoal is also known as the activated charcoal. The ingredient is made by combining carbon with oxygen. This form of carbon is non graphite and is extracted from the particles such as wood, coconut shell, coir pith, paddy husk, etc. The main purpose of using activated carbon in various industries is for refining and bleaching. Following are the areas where the activated carbon is widely used:

Purification of water

  • Air purification
  • As a remediate of soil
  • Metal furnishing
  • Automotive products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical products
  • Gold recovery, etc

Steps In Making Activated Carbon

There is a step by step procedure in which the activated carbon is manufactured. It is mostly said to be a two step process:

Step 1- Process of carbonizing the raw materials such as coconut shell, wood, coal, coir pith etc

Step 2- The second step is to go ahead with the process of activation. Here the oxygen is used and a chemical change is adopted in order to develop the pores.

Market of Activated Charcoal

It is very important to note about how the activated charcoal is performing in the market. Following are the factors that will make it remarkable:

  • These days’ people prefer water only after it is purified. Thus, the population across the globe demands the same. Activated charcoal plays a major role in water purification and the mass have the strong pull for the same.
  • Remarkable implementation of MATS ( Mercury and Air Toxic Standard) by the environmental protection agency boosts the use of activated carbon
  • Even in the vehicle engine performance the activated carbon plays a vital role. Yes, this helps in reducing the hydrocarbon emission. This is again a major driving factor of the product within the market.
  • The activated carbon helps in air purification. This makes the environment much more safe and good to breathe. The demand for the air purifiers in the market boosts the need of activated carbon
  • Another wonderful prospect of the activated carbon is the use of reactivated and regenerated carbon in the industry. As a result the carbon footprints are effectively reduced. This is another wonderful place to demand for the carbon in active form.

There is a good opportunity for the market of activated carbon in the consecutive few years. Some of the tasks in which it can be most regarded are:

  • Removal of chlorine and its other by products
  • Removing mercury from flue gas
  • Use of it in off gas treatment
  • Utilizing in the task of deodorization
  • Catalytic processes
  • The major industry participants in it includes carboTech, HaycarbPLC, Carbot Corporation, Osaka gas chemical co ltd, Crabon activated corporation, Jacobi carbons, Calgon carbon corporation etc.

Thus, the prospect of the Activated carbon market is quite high. Also, one can see several developments on it that has been observed in the recent years about the great prospect of the activated carbon market.

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