MICBAC INDIA Blog http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 02 Mar 2024 06:15:16 +0530 en-us http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in Extraction Of Activated Carbon From The Waste Of Natural Resources http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/extraction-of-activated-carbon-from-the-waste-of-natural-resources_9267.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 15:52:04 +0530 The activated carbon has several properties one of which is being highly porous in nature. Carbon atoms are used to make the complex structure of activated carbon. The combination of rigid skeletons which is connected with chemical bonds in order to make a porous structure is known as activated carbon.   Activated carbon is not extracted from a single source. Rather, it has several sources such as soft woods, coconut shells, lignite coal, etc. Several ranges of activated carbons are used for different purpose. One of the wonderful uses of activated carbon is removal of the impurities from water. It is also used in sewage treatment. The form of carbon not only removes the organic impurities, rather it will also remove chlorine from water.   The toxic gases are also removed with the help of the activated carbon. This is very well utilized in greenhouses in order to remove the harmful air particles, dust particles, etc completely from the surroundings where the greeneries starts spouting.   Market Overview Of Activated Carbon   The demand of activated carbon is increasing in the market due to number of reasons. In the year 2016-2020 the demand for the product is not too high. But, it has increased to 9.3% in few years. It is also expected to give the business of $5,129 million by 2022.   The need of the activated carbon is increasing in water purification and treatment industry. Our environment is captured by the harmful pollutants. Thus, the application of activated carbon cans also contribution with the boost in industrialization and urbanization.   Projects Getting Profits From Activated Carbon Extraction of activated carbon from coconut shell The amorphous form of carbon is named as activated carbon. This gives rise to highly developed porous structure which also comes with a big internal surface area. The feature of absorbing gases and vapours comes from pore structure of the activated carbon. Yes, the shell of coconut is widely used to extract the activated carbon. This in turn helps in making sugar refined, produces electrodes and purifies water.   Bamboo for activated carbon Can you imagine that activated carbon can also remain in bamboo? Being the non graphite form of carbon, the activated carbon has the microcrystalline nature. Bamboo is used to extract the activated carbon for the need of solvent extraction, manufacture rayon in fabric industry, chemical treatment, water treatment, etc.   Activated carbon from saw dust Carbon itself is widely used in various industries and factories. But, that carbon that has higher absorption capacities as compared to wood or charcoal is the activated charcoal. You can get the activated carbons in many forms. Some of them are in the form of pellets, fine powder as well as granules. The saw dust is one of the main sources of activated carbon.   Activated carbon from jute sticks The activated carbon is extracted from the several carbonaceous particles. One of them is jute sticks. The natural extracts can give you a wonderful form of activated carbon. There will be no addition of the bonding agents.   Thus, the prospect of activated carbon is quite high in market. The uses of the product are diverse along with the ease of production. Just with the natural resources that are getting wasted such as coconut shell, saw dust, etc, activated carbon can be manufactured. Uses and Requirements of Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/uses-and-requirements-of-coconut-shell-based-activated-carbon_9268.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 15:52:54 +0530 Obscured to the greater part of people, activated carbon assumes an enormous job in our lives today. People drink water purified with it, inhale the air that has been thoroughly scoured with it, eat food purified from it, wear dresses made with its assistance, do battle with it and recuperate ourselves with it.   Utilized broadly in different modern, scientific and military purposes including refining and dying of oils and concoction solutions, in water purification, in recuperation of solvents and different fumes, in recuperation of gold and different valuable metals and as a fundamental fixing in gas veils and sift that screen through harmful or biochemical gases, activated charcoal is one of the most generally utilized fixing in world today.   With almost 85-90% of its micro pores littler than 4 nm, coconut shell activated carbon is proficient at catching contaminant particles including tri-radiance methane, pesticides, herbicides and volatile organic mixes in drinking water and different solutions and substance.   The transcendence of micro-pores in coconut shell carbon also gives them a tight structure and high mechanical quality creation them exceptionally impervious to tear and wear through erosion and makes coconut shell activated carbon, the most reasonable channels for unpleasant modern and concoction purposes.   During enormous and little scope water purification processes, coconut shell activated carbon also expels incandescent light and pollutions from water improving its quality, appearance and taste.   In the mean time, a better evaluation of coconut shell activated carbon known as food grade charcoal is utilized in an assortment of clinical purposes including direct processing to expel poisonous and polluted substance from the human stomach related framework and are also utilized in blood purification frameworks and liver and kidney dialysis units.   Accessible in different sizes and shapes, activated carbon is generally partitioned into three classes dependent on their physical attributes and is broadly created by coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers in India.   India has also spearheaded the process of green charcoal assembling or green charcoaling in Asia, effectively creating and presenting a contamination free strategy for creating power with the poison gas and warmth delivered in the process of assembling coconut shell activated charcoal.   Indian coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers have also evolved particular activated charcoal based purification solutions and application appropriate for water, air, food and drink, vitality, gold and claim to fame arrangement, for example, activated carbon manufactured for poison absorption, dialysis, solvent and as fixings in restorative and added substances. Other than helping the food of people, activated charcoal causes us move mountains, make the night sky shimmer, assist us with investigating the profundities of seas and farthest of the universe and tidy up the slip-ups we make for the sake of headway of science innovation; still, it is one of the least commended fixings on the planet. Want to Remove Iron and Manganese from Water? http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/want-to-remove-iron-and-manganese-from-water_9269.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 15:54:28 +0530 Buy a Manganese Dioxide Filter Today Do you drink water without thinking about the condition of it? No one drink water without checking the colour and smell. Water keeps people alive, as it has various compositions that suit both human, plants and animals, however, it does have some impurities too, that can cost a life. Additional amount of iron and manganese can change the colour as well as the smell of the water. And this case is quite common when you are using well water. To purify well water, you can use filter media and a manganese dioxide filter is the best one to treat such underground water. If you are going through such issues, don’t think much, let’s have this filter media and you will get crystal clear drinking water.   The filter media is look-alike sand filters and available in granular form that is easy to use. The extra amount of iron in well water is a common issue in the country and for this reason, many keep their well water untouched and opt for other sources, however, a good quality iron and manganese dioxide filter is the best way to solve the issue as it backwashes the water perfectly and remove the impurities.   The solid pieces of manganese dioxide and the granular forms both are efficient in separating the impurities from underground water.   Iron and manganese stay naturally in water, though they don’t cause any severe health issue, it can stain your cloth and give you a rusty taste while drinking it. These can remain in water in three conditions, like- dissolved, particulate and colloidal. Now, how to remove these excess iron and manganese is the question. Here is the answer. There are two easiest and common options- Oxidation or filtration. Absorbing onto an ion exchange resins.   The oxidation process can be done by the following points— Blowing or spraying air through water, known as aeration. Combining od dissolved chemicals, like- chlorine, chlorine dioxide and potassium permanganate. Adsorption of greensand media and activated carbon. Ion exchange. Aeration with filtration. Hope the blog post will solve your hassle. Don’t forget to check out the official website of MicBac India, which is offering different types of water filter media, among them, iron and manganese filter media is a superb one. Activated Carbon Can Help In Purification And Recycling http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/activated-carbon-can-help-in-purification-and-recycling_9270.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 15:56:18 +0530 The world is always going through a lot of changes and in the recent times we have seen transformations at a totally unprecedented rate which have touched all aspects of human life. Newer technologies and working methods are being introduced with every passing day and they are changing the way we use different kinds of resources. The rapid growth of population has also affected the way we use water and fuel as well as numerous forms of chemicals. Unless we have sufficient amount of natural resources, it can make things really difficult for us. Wastage of resources like water can also result in pollution and surplus costs.     How Recycling And Purification Can Help   The traditional or old-world approach has always been to make use of resources like chemicals, gases and water for the purpose of manufacturing and then release them into environment. However, this has only led to excessive pollution of our atmosphere over the years. It not only harms Mother Earth but also gives rise to a lot of additional expenses. We may be ourselves responsible in giving rise to the scarcity of materials and resources that we need for our sustenance. This pollution of the environment as well as the depletion of resources cannot be good for business nor for mankind.   Therefore if we are to keep on using the luxuries and comfort that are associated with modern technologies, it is necessary that we stop using resources in the wrong way and think about the welfare of everyone. We can now already find developments being made in this field wherein technologies to reduce the environmental wastage are being introduced by the brightest minds of the day. Special methods using of Activated Carbon are being adapted to purify smoke and gases as well as the liquid effluents before they are released in the environment. The researchers in this sphere are constantly trying to find out new ways by which production can be improved without harming the environment. Recycling of resources like fuel, water and chemicals is yet another important goal in their agenda.            Adsorption Using Activated Carbon For Purification And Recycling   Adsorption is a process through which the ions, atoms and molecules of a fluid effectively adhere to some solid surface so that they can be removed from the fluid. It has been found that Phoenician trading ships dating back to around 450 BC used charred barrels to store drinking water. This is because the carbon from such barrels can attract impurities present in the water to the surface and the crew would always get access to purified water. The Egyptians worked with charcoal for removing bad odors from substances and also heal intestinal problems.   The main reason for which activated carbon is used for the process of adsorption is that it has the physical property of microporosity which gives it a substantially large surface area, i.e. around 500 square meters to 1500 square meters for one gram. This along with its non-hazardous nature has made it a popular substance for the purpose of initiating adsorption. Once the adsorption process has been taken care of, the activated carbon can be exposed to a stage of desorption which can assist in the recovery or removal of the adsorbed molecules present in its surface. The activated carbon also requires a very small contact time, i.e. less than 1 second for performing its task. Activated carbon is also extremely effective when it comes to the removal of molecules and impurities or substances that have a rather low weight/volume in the fluid. Hence companies all over the world choose activated carbon when they need to carry out the adsorption process seamlessly. How Modern Generation Can Experience a Better Life with the Assistance of Activated Carbon http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/how-modern-generation-can-experience-a-better-life-with-the-assistance-of-activated-carbon_9271.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 15:57:41 +0530 The world has been proceeding towards a better time, however, since the last few decades the change is visible rapidly in every field. Whether it is technology, medical science, chemical industry, education or lifestyle, everything is accepting it and giving a chance to experience a lot, which people could not even think of at earlier times. Manufacturing activated carbon and preparing different types of materials from it is included in the modification period. With the latest procedures, from supreme quality coal and coconut shell, this compound is formed, which can lead us to a better future in many ways. The benefits of the compound in the modern lifestyle is wide-ranging. If you are not aware of it, hence, let’s give this writing piece five minutes to know the wonderful advantages of it or how it can give us anenriched life—   Significance Of Recycling And Purification: Gone are the days when industry emanates their used, polluted resources in the air when their production was over. By doing this, they not only polluted the atmosphere but also add load on the balance sheets as well. After using the natural resources, like- water, light, coal, we are going to face severe scarcity issue in the near future, which may stop the civilization completely. To stop it, recycling a few items and purification of wasted liquids or solid items will be the best suitable option to help our mother nature. And the finest quality activated carbon plays a significant role in water purifying, wastewater cleaning, municipal water filtration.   Activated Carbon Plays A Great Role In The Adsorption Process Of Purifying And Recycling: Adsorption is a process in which atoms, ions or molecules of fluids get adhered to a solid surface, this way the impurities from the fluid will be removed easily. Activated carbon can do the same as it has a larger surface area, about 500 to 1500 square per gram. As the compound owns a massive surface and it is not troublesome in nature, it plays a chief role in adsorption and it is known as the best absorber. By using the adsorption quality of activated carbon, you can enjoy the following benefits flawlessly— Water filtration. Wastewater treatment. Chemical purification. Food processing. Medicine production. Catalyst treatment.   Hope you will enjoy reading the significance of activated carbon in modern life. If you need any kind of assistance regarding getting the best quality activated carbon at the best price, do not forget to visit MICBAC India, a premium manufacturer of activated carbon. Why is the Manganese Market Experiencing a Growth in India? http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/why-is-the-manganese-market-experiencing-a-growth-in-india_9272.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 15:58:39 +0530 According to reports from reliable organizations, India is witnessing a growth in demand for manganese, EMD (electrolytic manganese dioxide) and EMM (electrolytic manganese metal). Multiple factors have led to the growth in the manganese market in India. Find out about the top reasons behind this growth.   Rise in the Number of Electric Cars With more stress being laid in green energy or eco-friendly energy, electric cars are experiencing a huge growth. EMM and EMD are being used increasingly in making Lithium ion batteries which are the source of power in electric cars as well as other eco-friendly applications. The eco friendly energy sector has witnessed many renovations recently, and there is high demand for EMD and EMM. With the rechargeable battery market projected to be a 50 USD billion industry within the next few years, the growth in demand for high quality manganese is easily understandable.   Demand from the Steel Industry EMM and EMD are two extremely refined versions of manganese metal. It is also being found that the steel industry needs EMD and EMM in large amounts for production and purification purposes. It is expected that the demand for these manganese metal versions will rise in the months and years to come. The aim is to achieve less impurities and cleaner products, which can ensure more purity as well as reduce production time and costs.   Although crude steel production has slowed down across the globe, mainly due to demand for manganese alloys, India is already producing more of manganese and is expected to be a global leader in the production and supply of the metal in the coming times. Domestic steel production has increased and large volumes of manganese are being used across Indian steel factories, as well as exported to overseas nations, such as Europe and the US.   Demand from the Mining Industry Other than the automotive sector, the steel industry and the green energy sector, EMD and EMM are also witnessing a massive demand in the mining industry in India. Recent research indicates that there is huge potential for growth in the manganese market due to a higher demand from mines across the country as well as from other nations of the globe. With new projects expected to begin over the next few years in Asia, there would be a growth in supply of manganese. Mining organizations are trying to directly negotiate with manufacturers and suppliers of this metal. Is The Market For Activated Carbon Active? To What Extend Is Its Impact Strong? http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/is-the-market-for-activated-carbon-active-to-what-extend-is-its-impact-strong_9273.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 16:01:36 +0530 The use of activated carbon is visibly observed in various parts of the nation and even worldwide. Yes, the market for the activated carbon is active and will exist the same   The activated carbon has another name in the market. Yes, the porous form of charcoal is also known as the activated charcoal. The ingredient is made by combining carbon with oxygen. This form of carbon is non graphite and is extracted from the particles such as wood, coconut shell, coir pith, paddy husk, etc. The main purpose of using activated carbon in various industries is for refining and bleaching. Following are the areas where the activated carbon is widely used: Purification of water Air purification As a remediate of soil Metal furnishing Automotive products Pharmaceutical products Medical products Gold recovery, etc   Steps In Making Activated Carbon There is a step by step procedure in which the activated carbon is manufactured. It is mostly said to be a two step process:   Step 1- Process of carbonizing the raw materials such as coconut shell, wood, coal, coir pith etc   Step 2- The second step is to go ahead with the process of activation. Here the oxygen is used and a chemical change is adopted in order to develop the pores.   Market of Activated Charcoal It is very important to note about how the activated charcoal is performing in the market. Following are the factors that will make it remarkable: These days’ people prefer water only after it is purified. Thus, the population across the globe demands the same. Activated charcoal plays a major role in water purification and the mass have the strong pull for the same. Remarkable implementation of MATS ( Mercury and Air Toxic Standard) by the environmental protection agency boosts the use of activated carbon Even in the vehicle engine performance the activated carbon plays a vital role. Yes, this helps in reducing the hydrocarbon emission. This is again a major driving factor of the product within the market. The activated carbon helps in air purification. This makes the environment much more safe and good to breathe. The demand for the air purifiers in the market boosts the need of activated carbon Another wonderful prospect of the activated carbon is the use of reactivated and regenerated carbon in the industry. As a result the carbon footprints are effectively reduced. This is another wonderful place to demand for the carbon in active form.   There is a good opportunity for the market of activated carbon in the consecutive few years. Some of the tasks in which it can be most regarded are: Removal of chlorine and its other by products Removing mercury from flue gas Use of it in off gas treatment Utilizing in the task of deodorization Catalytic processes The major industry participants in it includes carboTech, HaycarbPLC, Carbot Corporation, Osaka gas chemical co ltd, Crabon activated corporation, Jacobi carbons, Calgon carbon corporation etc.   Thus, the prospect of the Activated carbon market is quite high. Also, one can see several developments on it that has been observed in the recent years about the great prospect of the activated carbon market. Using Activated Coconut Carbon For Improving Your Health And Well-Being http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/using-activated-coconut-carbon-for-improving-your-health-and-well-being_9274.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 16:03:02 +0530 Using activated coconut carbon ensures numerous health benefits as it has the potential to remove toxins from water, air and other materials or surfaces. Activated carbon is often known by its alternate name of activated charcoal as it’s the main source of this material. However, activated carbon can also be obtained from coconut husks and olive pits in some cases.   Activated coconut carbon should be exposed to super high temperatures so that the inner structure of coconut husk is altered. Exposing carbon to such an activation process helps in increasing the porosity of the materials. Activated coconut carbon can trap the toxins and chemicals that are present in water. This helps to purify the water without any trace of foul taste or odor. Apart from purifying the water, activated coconut carbon can also perform the following functions. Enhance oral health Get rid of gas from the body Functions as an antidote for poison Ensures healthy functioning of kidney   Any kind of advanced water system having coconut carbon filter ensures a higher level of purification. This can ensure proper health and well being of you and all your family members. It can also help you to maintain sound health at all times.   Always Ensures Cleaner Water The two main health benefits of using coconut carbon filter is that it can help to get rid of gas from the body as well as purify water and make it perfectly drinkable. You can get cleaner water through the activated coconut carbon as it can assist in removing chemicals and metal components from the tap water that generally includes a lot of contaminants and sediments. By using coconut carbon filter for water purification process, you can always be sure of the fact that the water you have access to remains completely crisp and clean.   It Can Get Rid Of Gas From The Body Certain types of food ingredients like lactose and sugar can lead to gas and bloating and lead to an uncomfortable sensation. Activated carbon can help in alleviating such problems by trapping the gas molecules so that they do not get absorbed by the body. Considering the frequency in which you are facing the issue of excess gas, you can try out a number of dietary restrictions and use activated carbon for enhancing your gut health. It is important to note that using activated carbon is a short term solution. You should consult your doctor and look for a lasting medical solution.   Functions As An Antidote For Poison In many cases of emergency, the activated carbon components can function as a powerful antidote against a drug overdose and reduce the level of drug absorption. Effectiveness of activated carbon as a drug antidote depends on the level of drug poisoning and the time after which the carbon is used. It is important to note that the best treatment for a drug overdose can only be administered by a doctor. Activated carbon can only deliver the results in certain cases.    Ensures Healthy Functioning Of Kidney The kidneys in your body work as a filtration system to get rid of harmful components. If you are struggling with some issues of your kidney, it can be difficult for you to get rid of the toxins from your body. In such cases, you can use activated coconut carbon to achieve the same effect as it can be functional under some circumstances. Always ask your doctor whether it is safe for you to use activated coconut carbon. By getting rid of toxins from your body, activated coconut carbon can enhance your kidney’s functioning in a major way. When You Can Utilize A Granular Activated Carbon Filter? http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/when-you-can-utilize-a-granular-activated-carbon-filter_9275.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 16:04:11 +0530 Water is seriously contaminated these days. At the point when it is provided to our homes, it has hints of different contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, THMs, VOCs, arsenic, lead, and so forth. Expending or having such water can prompt different sicknesses including cholera, typhoid, and malignant growth.   Utilizing a water purifier is the most ideal approach to defend your family from drinking such risky water. Furthermore, this is the place a carbon-based filter can give the best assistance.   A carbon or activated carbon enabled water filter is a vital piece of any water purging gadget. It is by a wide margin best in evacuating synthetic substances like pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine. There are different points of interest that it brings to the table or it can offer to its users.   Generally, Carbon operated filters are either carbon block channels, which are compacted form of carbon blocks, or granular enacted carbon (GAC), which are free carbon circles or granules. There is a certain level of contrasts or comparison among GAC and carbon block channels, which improves or enhances certain usage if compared with its counterpart.   This article will serve as a small guide to impart specific knowledge and understanding about carbon block as well as when to use granular activated carbon in your water filter.   Elimination of contagion If we wish to remove contamination from water, then both activated carbon or granular activated carbon is handy and useful. Both are quite efficient in removing particles like chlorine, organic compounds etc. But in case of GAC water passes more quickly unlike carbon block and so it is less useful for elimination of contamination.   Endurance When it comes to durability or endurance carbon blocks absorbs more contaminates of water and purifies it. But the true fact is that it can be used only for three to six months. And this genre of filters is much prone to get infused with bacteria and so it is essential to replace it after every three to six months.   Usability or application Talking about application granular filters have less application or usability than that of carbon block filters. Carbon blocks are much more effective in removing chlorine and other water particles.  Whereas, GACs are utilized in shower channels, refrigerator channels, channels intended for water gadgets, or as cleaning channels backward assimilation channels or other under sink multi-stage filters. So, if you are looking for such carbon enabled filters then MICBAC is the right place for you. Being a customer you can get variety at affordable rate here. All You Need To Know About The Diverse Uses Of Manganese Dioxide http://www.activatedcarbons.co.in/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-the-diverse-uses-of-manganese-dioxide_9276.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 16:05:28 +0530 If you are all set to update your knowledge about Manganese dioxide, give this blog a run through!   Water treatment is an important procedure that is used for purifying the water and making it available for use to the industrial sector as well as the general population. Among the various types of materials that are used for achieving this goal, perhaps one that deserves special mention is of course Manganese dioxide (MnO2). So let’s have a look at some of the physical and chemical properties of Manganese dioxide and see how it can be used for various purposes.   Chemical Properties Of Manganese Dioxide And Some Uses Manganese dioxide (MnO2) is a type of inorganic compound that naturally occurs as a black or brown-colored material. In most cases it is referred to as pyrolusite. Numerous tests have shown that Manganese dioxide is a very powerful material for carrying out water treatment. However, its uses are not simply limited to water treatment. Batteries can be manufactured with the help of Manganese dioxide. Other products that can be made with the help of Manganese dioxide include electronic circuitry, beverage cans as well as agricultural fungicides and pesticides.   Manganese dioxide is used extensively for groundwater applications. It is highly effective when it is used for the purpose of removing hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese, radium and arsenic. Chemically it is a catalyst that can pave the way for clean water as well as a wide range of other vital functions.     Manganese Dioxide Applications In History Manganese dioxide has a long history and it has been found that Stone Age men used it during upper Paleolithic period for making cave paintings. Spartans also made use of Manganese dioxide in Ancient Greece for making steel. This made it possible for them to develop weapons that were far superior to the ones used by their enemies. Later the Romans and Egyptians used MnO2 for making glass so that purple, pink and black tints can be produced on the surface of the glass. At one point of time, Manganese dioxide was one of the main ingredients for making chlorine. The Manganese dioxide compound was also used for improving the hardness and stability of iron. Nowadays Manganese dioxide is also used for the production of batteries.     Manganese Dioxide As A Powerful Catalyst Since Manganese dioxide is one of the most powerful catalysts known to man, it can be used for water treatment. It basically acts as a filtering agent for the water. The catalytic reaction caused by Manganese dioxide during chemical oxidation-reduction process can help to get rid of iron, arsenic, manganese, H2S and radium. The reaction makes it possible for non-oxidized iron and manganese traces in the water to precipitate so that it can be directly adsorbed into the MnO2 media.   Use of MnO2 by various forms of media Different types of media in water treatment industry make use of MnO2 in numerous ways. There can be lightweight media that makes use of Manganese dioxide as well as pyrolusite media that incorporates a high volume of this compound. When a media makes use of high amounts of MnO2, it can go as far as 70% to 80%. A wide range of media incorporates Manganese dioxide as a hosting material. Usually these products are rather light and they can work well with lower backwash rate. One of these products that deserve a mention here is greensand. It is basically zeolite that is further coated with Manganese dioxide. The manufactured media components may also need further regeneration with KMnO4 or potassium permanganate for retaining the MnO2 properties. Manganese dioxide has achieved widespread penetration because it has very strong absorbing properties which can work well for the water treatment projects.