When You Can Utilize A Granular Activated Carbon Filter?

Posted by Admin on September, 08, 2020

Water is seriously contaminated these days. At the point when it is provided to our homes, it has hints of different contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, THMs, VOCs, arsenic, lead, and so forth. Expending or having such water can prompt different sicknesses including cholera, typhoid, and malignant growth.

Utilizing a water purifier is the most ideal approach to defend your family from drinking such risky water. Furthermore, this is the place a carbon-based filter can give the best assistance.

A carbon or activated carbon enabled water filter is a vital piece of any water purging gadget. It is by a wide margin best in evacuating synthetic substances like pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine. There are different points of interest that it brings to the table or it can offer to its users.

Generally, Carbon operated filters are either carbon block channels, which are compacted form of carbon blocks, or granular enacted carbon (GAC), which are free carbon circles or granules. There is a certain level of contrasts or comparison among GAC and carbon block channels, which improves or enhances certain usage if compared with its counterpart.

This article will serve as a small guide to impart specific knowledge and understanding about carbon block as well as when to use granular activated carbon in your water filter.

Elimination of contagion

If we wish to remove contamination from water, then both activated carbon or granular activated carbon is handy and useful. Both are quite efficient in removing particles like chlorine, organic compounds etc. But in case of GAC water passes more quickly unlike carbon block and so it is less useful for elimination of contamination.


When it comes to durability or endurance carbon blocks absorbs more contaminates of water and purifies it. But the true fact is that it can be used only for three to six months. And this genre of filters is much prone to get infused with bacteria and so it is essential to replace it after every three to six months.

Usability or application

Talking about application granular filters have less application or usability than that of carbon block filters. Carbon blocks are much more effective in removing chlorine and other water particles. Whereas, GACs are utilized in shower channels, refrigerator channels, channels intended for water gadgets, or as cleaning channels backward assimilation channels or other under sink multi-stage filters. So, if you are looking for such carbon enabled filters then MICBAC is the right place for you. Being a customer you can get variety at affordable rate here.

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