Activated Carbon Can Help In Purification And Recycling

Posted by Admin on September, 08, 2020

The world is always going through a lot of changes and in the recent times we have seen transformations at a totally unprecedented rate which have touched all aspects of human life. Newer technologies and working methods are being introduced with every passing day and they are changing the way we use different kinds of resources. The rapid growth of population has also affected the way we use water and fuel as well as numerous forms of chemicals. Unless we have sufficient amount of natural resources, it can make things really difficult for us. Wastage of resources like water can also result in pollution and surplus costs.

How Recycling And Purification Can Help

The traditional or old-world approach has always been to make use of resources like chemicals, gases and water for the purpose of manufacturing and then release them into environment. However, this has only led to excessive pollution of our atmosphere over the years. It not only harms Mother Earth but also gives rise to a lot of additional expenses. We may be ourselves responsible in giving rise to the scarcity of materials and resources that we need for our sustenance. This pollution of the environment as well as the depletion of resources cannot be good for business nor for mankind.

Therefore if we are to keep on using the luxuries and comfort that are associated with modern technologies, it is necessary that we stop using resources in the wrong way and think about the welfare of everyone. We can now already find developments being made in this field wherein technologies to reduce the environmental wastage are being introduced by the brightest minds of the day. Special methods using of Activated Carbon are being adapted to purify smoke and gases as well as the liquid effluents before they are released in the environment. The researchers in this sphere are constantly trying to find out new ways by which production can be improved without harming the environment. Recycling of resources like fuel, water and chemicals is yet another important goal in their agenda.

Adsorption Using Activated Carbon For Purification And Recycling

Adsorption is a process through which the ions, atoms and molecules of a fluid effectively adhere to some solid surface so that they can be removed from the fluid. It has been found that Phoenician trading ships dating back to around 450 BC used charred barrels to store drinking water. This is because the carbon from such barrels can attract impurities present in the water to the surface and the crew would always get access to purified water. The Egyptians worked with charcoal for removing bad odors from substances and also heal intestinal problems.

The main reason for which activated carbon is used for the process of adsorption is that it has the physical property of microporosity which gives it a substantially large surface area, i.e. around 500 square meters to 1500 square meters for one gram. This along with its non-hazardous nature has made it a popular substance for the purpose of initiating adsorption. Once the adsorption process has been taken care of, the activated carbon can be exposed to a stage of desorption which can assist in the recovery or removal of the adsorbed molecules present in its surface. The activated carbon also requires a very small contact time, i.e. less than 1 second for performing its task. Activated carbon is also extremely effective when it comes to the removal of molecules and impurities or substances that have a rather low weight/volume in the fluid. Hence companies all over the world choose activated carbon when they need to carry out the adsorption process seamlessly.

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